Father’s Day

The family was the very first form of slavery that made women and children the slaves of the male head and thus giving him complete authority over their unpaid labour.
Let this father’s day remind us the origin of the family that led to the origin of private property, subjugation of women, loss of woman’s right over her children and finally the emergence of capitalism and state.

Democracy: the whore of modern world. 

In British Raj the indigo farmers just had to do peaceful Satyagraha to get their demands met. 

In “Independent India” the farmers are forced to drink their urine just to get the attention of the govt. 

And we are being told that we are free and the British were evil?

Even Hitler used state treasury to transport his victims to the camps build by the state where they were given compulsory jobs and later gassed at state’s expense. 

This govt forces its victims to evacuate their homes using state oppression. Once dislocated they make their own concentration camps (ghettos) where they take their own lives through starvation. 

Tell me again this state is any better than the Nazis or the Third Reich? 

Best of all or worst? 

“Since slaves are the personal assets of the master he makes sure they are well fed and well medicated because the personal riches of the master depends on the well being of his slaves. 

So in many ways the system of slavery is more humane than the modern factory system where workers are underfed and given meager wages.”

The aforementioned argument was made by the the pro slavery ideologues when slavery was being abolished in the US. 
But when a fascist state makes arguments like it’s subjects have no rights over their bodies it’s simply trying to mix the worse of both the system. Because no slave owner would take the control of a slave’s body without assuming the responsibility of feeding him. 
From slavery they took the idea of controling one’s body. From factory system they took the concept of keeping the worker in destitution. And from democracy they took the name.  


It’s wrong to compare Hindutva with Nazism. 

Hitler hated Jews because they were some of the richest and most powerful beings in Germany. 

Meanwhile Hindutvawadis are themselves some of the richest and most powerful beings in India who channel their hatred towards the poorest and weakest people of this country simply to protect their own privileges. 

All is well!

For a third world nation like India that has yet to accept its caste question, accepting xenophobia and race problem is obviously a distant dream.
Basically, this land never had any problem:
It never had any caste problem but Gandhi always remained a Baniya and Shivaji a Maratha.
It never had a race problem but somehow this entire brown country believes in quackery of fairness creams claiming to magically transform brown skin into white.
It never had a gender problem although we still have to acknowledge marital rapes and the question of honor killing.
It never had the problem of homophobia but homosexuality is criminalized.
It never had a problem of xenophobia but you can be assaulted in Bombay for simply being a North India and in Delhi for being a Northeastern.

So most probably the only pressing concern for this nation is beef and Romeo!

Blasphemy after sedition?

Although India has no such thing as “Blasphemy Law” but somehow still a police complaint has been filed against lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan for calling Krishan a “legendary eve teaser”.
In the book ‘Why Nations Fail’ the author states that one of the reasons why nations like India are poor because the masses here are too spiritual to bother about material wealth but the recent events only indicate that masses here are too ignorant to bother about things that actually matter just like any dead society of any third world nation.
Maybe we’d soon have a Blasphemy law like any third world country but you have to believe that this counter-revolution that we are witnessing is not promoting the type of Hinduism they claim to believe in but simply imitating the Wahabism and radical Islam they claim to hate

More Post truth

Ground check: Few enlightening thoughts I learned from my colleagues yesterday-
• ‘So what’ if Yogi is a goon at least he’s not corrupt.
• We have had enough with secularism, now it’s the time for Hindus to shine.
• Why can’t sth as simple as beef be banned when ‘other nations’ have far worse kinda bans/restrictions.

In short: everything is fine as long as the ‘others’ have to sacrifice their rights for the gratification of our communal ego.

This conversation could be taken as another example of post-truth era where facts do not matter because:
• Noone remembers which public office Yogi held earlier to prove himself an honest public servant.
• The idea of India secularism that prevents the ‘others’ from being made second class citizens is the real pain in the ass of these moderate Hindus.
• When it comes to justifying the culture of bans and prohibitions the ‘others nation’ they cite are obviously never the first world nations or even the second world nations but usually failed states like Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan.

I guess it’s the indication of a sick society that dreams of becoming the next superpower but wants its human rights to be just compatible with Pakistan and Iran.