Maoism in India

Andhra Government is getting helicopters to track down Maoist activity in the state. They want to kill the Maoist movement in the state but what they don’t understand is that as long as injustice and economic inequality will prevail inside our country the left wing extremism cannot die. Yes the left block has lost its fire but it is not dead as Marxism is an idea and ideas are bulletproof.

We are always ready to take a count of how many people Maoists have killed but why we ignore the number of people killed and rendered homeless and occupation less by the large capitalistic business houses. Why we consider that everything is ok inside this capitalistic society. We have blindfolded ourselves in order to deny us from seeing the monster of capitalistic world ready to engulf our economy, our land our culture and even our free will of thinking and taking decision.

The distribution of assets in our country is shocking with top 5% of households possessing 38% of the total assets and bottom 60% of the households possessing merely 13% of the total assets of the country.

  This economic disparity is widening day by day in our country. The Maoists are merely fighting to protect their people, their land, their forests and their lands from these capitalistic business houses. It is a revolution and revolution can’t be carried out by asking for permission.

Marx once quoted “one capitalist kills many”. The grey hounds can kill the Maoist revolutionaries but they can’t kill the spirit of the movement as long as this huge economic gap exists between the rich and the poor. The Marxist- Leninist- Maoist shows us the way to a bright future a perfect society which is classless casteless and money less – Perfectly a Heaven.

At last I would like to conclude that air surveillance and giving more teeth to the grey hounds will not end the left block extremism it will end on that day when there is no one rich and no one poor inside our country when our minds are free from the clutches of foreign brands and blind show off when we have an authentic thinking and opinion when the poor is also considered as a human and not just a vote bank and will have right to live.



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