The Holy Ghost of 1947

           15th Aug 1947 – how many of you believe this was a glorious day in the history of India? Well most of us think like that because we are made to think like that. For me and many of my Bolshevik friends it was yet another miserable day in the history of India. It was miserable because of many reasons firstly India was divided into India and Pakistan with disputed borders which resulted into Kashmir problem. Secondly a civil war broke out within the nation which was the aftermath of partition killing more than five thousand people (our great leaders accepted partition in order to avoid civil war but instead they got both). Third and the most important point is that no changes occurred in the structure of the state just the power of the state was transferred from an imperialistic colonial government to the higher/ruling class of Indian society or the bourgeois society of India. As Lenin has said state is an instrument of oppression of one class by the other. The British Raj was one such instrument which used its power for the oppression of working class or the proletariats by the imperialistic powers. When the same machinery was handed over to the higher class of India they made minimal changes into it in order to use for the oppression of working class. Most of these so called liberators of the country who claimed to be fighting for the poorest of the poor where born in high class of India and even did not had the stomach to carry on the struggle. If anyone was the hero of independence movement it was the common man of India who was deceived every time in such movements whether you take Non Cooperation, Civil Disobedience or Quit India. The people fought every time with everything they had but these great leaders always cheated them. During the non-cooperation movement the Holy Ghost said do not go to schools, quit jobs and do not pay taxes and then bear the consequences on your own account then what right he had to call off the movement. In 1942 Quit India movement was started the masses where told “Do or Die” was it a joke did the Holy Ghost had any action plan other than just starting the movement and then quietly going to jail.

           One thing I would like to ask each one of you did you ever wondered why Britishers left India in 1947 when the Quit India movement was badly crushed within three months. Our father of nation took retirement from active politics after the movement then what happened that Britishers left the country. Believe me they could have ruled us for another 150 years if the world war had not taken place resulting in dramatic changes in the world scenario. There were many reasons which resulted in the so called liberalization of this country besides Quit India movement and the great sacrifices of Gandhi and Nehru. Some important reasons are resistance of Indian masses against the Raj and education and awareness of the Indian youths made it difficult for the government to administer the country. India was being represented on world platform by people like Rabindranath Tagore, S N Bose, CV Raman etc hence the world came to know about the culture and heritage of India. The Britishers had already exploited too much natural resources from India. The Pakistan movement lead by Jinnah was getting stronger leading to a chaotic scenario which the Britishers didn’t wanted to indulge in as a civil war like situation was being created because of it. Europe itself was going through a very chaotic situation as it was the time of Second World War. United Nations was formed just after Second World War and US emerged as a superpower of capitalist nations. Both UN and US had anti-colonial policies. In the post-World War elections Conservative party was defeated and the anti-colonial Labour Party lead by Clement Atlee took control UK. This new government was more interested in development of the country rather than maintaining colonies. Lastly formation of INA by Subhash Chandra Bose motivated other Indian soldiers of British army to join the freedom struggle.                                                                                    

            So are these points enough for you to believe that it wasn’t just the quit India movement or some holy ghost or someone born with silver spoon in his mouth that liberated us it was we the masses and most importantly the situations in UK and Europe that ultimately gave us the so called independence i.e. transfer of power from a colonial government to bourgeois class of India. At last I would like to thank Adolf Hitler for taking a stand and without whom it couldn’t be done.



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