Fantasies and Beliefs

Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?’

These are the lines on the first page of Richard Dawkins famous book ‘The God Delusion’. Let me ask you a question how many of you have seen a real fairy? Well most of us haven’t and they will also say even that they do not believe in them. But don’t you think life would have been interesting if fairies, pixies, ghouls, ogres and monsters existed what if trees and animals talked and we could fly. You will think that all such things are insane as practically it never happens. But during our childhood days we were so found of fairy tales and fantasy stories. Even today in the deepest corner of our heart a small kid exists who always refuses to believe that fairies do not exist. We know that fairies do not exist but we want to believe that they exist. Remember the movie enchanted and its concluding song-

“Story books ending with fairy tales coming true, deep down inside we want to believe that they still do”

I know that I haven’t seen such thing but I always want to believe that fairies are born when the baby laughs for the first time and they protect them from all type of evil forces. Times have changed and now the Man has started questioning the supremacy of God and even his existence. If you will ask me I would say that I am a believer but it is also true that I rarely go to temples. We must keep god in our heart and soul and not just in idols. God loves those who unconditionally love him and not those who fear him. We all must become God loving men not God fearing men.

Personally I hate those people who pray to God in order to get something or to fulfill their wishes. God is not a shopkeeper who would grant us our wishes if we offer prayer to him. Even Bhagvat says that that the bond love between God and devotee breaks the moment the devotee demands something in return of his prayers. Prayers should be offered to show affection to the almighty. Lord has created us he loves us and he takes care of us he would always be there to take care of us as he had send us to this mortal world for some purpose.

Don’t you think that even the idea that god will grant us our wishes if we pray to him is a sin. Wont God be deeply hurt when he sees people not loving him and praying him just to fulfill their selfish concerns. Only the Satan would be happy if people come trembling to him and start worshiping him out of fear.


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