A Murderer and a Saint

The highest form of ignorance is when we hate sth we do not understand. On social media I find many pages flooded with anti Gandhi and Nehru posts. They blame Gandhi responsible 4 partition of country and also being a womaniser who slept naked with Manuben ( india today published the extracts of her diary depecting her relations with gandhi) . My friends just listen to yr conscience and think did his being a womaniser affected the country in any way. Didn’t he had a privacy which must be respected. He was never in the favour of partition and said divide me first b4 dividing the nation. He always preached about communal harmony. It was he who prevented another communal riot in slums of Kalcutta. He dared to live in that riot stuck slum of kalcutta known as closest proximity to hell. He withdrew his non cooperation movement ony to prevent another jalianwala massacer. It was he who led the freedom movement and when he succeeded was betrayed by all (even by us when u se such offencive posts). People blame him 4 partition but let me tell u this one India never existed. Mountbatten had no choice but to divide india into 12 parts! But it was Nehru who cnvinced to divide it into three parts and merge all princely states into ind and pak. Even today just withdraw all police and miltary 4 one day and u will find 50 more independent states. Wasn’t it a big achivement to save our nation fro further fradmentation. Leaders r also humans and to err is human. Fascists blame gandhi 4 supporting muslims and convincing govt to pay 65 cr to pakistan as relief funds. If the find such thing so offencive and considered hinduism is nationalism doen’t it proved that demand of pak was right. Its reall very unfortunate to see people cursing and abusing this naked fakir and considering a fascist murderer Nathuram their hero and believe that gandhi deserved the fate he met.


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