Naxal Massacer

Recently maoists massacered thirty congress leaders and party workers including Mahendra Karma who was the main target. Media and politicians believe its the biggest maoist attack till now even bigger than 78 CRPF men killed in 2012 after all they were no polititions and merely following orders (See the class difference). 
After this attack all the political parties seem to agree at the point of suppressing the naxal movement in India. Again they are focusing on the symptoms and not the disease. The disease is poverty, lack of infrastructure and ignorance of govt prevailing in the rural areas of country and and its outcomes are in form of Naxalism And Maoism. For the govt these tribals who constitute a total of 8.5% of Indian population are only liabilities and they want to displace these people in order to get their mineral rich land to sell it to MNCs.
Why do you think these tribals would remain loyal to a govt who can’t even provide them schools and hospitals and merely forcing these people to leave their lands. Maoists blame Karma for killing one thousand tribals and raping their women. Why will not these people take arms and join the maoists after all what will any one do when the question of to be or not to be has to be answered ? 
People who think that communists should peacefully protest against the imperialistic and supressive policies of govt should re considered their thought and just think what IAC have achived by peacefully protesting and fasting for Jan Lokpal bill???


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