The Moral Police

According to certain Jason Bournes of our country the Indian Police department is the most ineffective and impotent organization of the world. It is because it can’t catch perverts having no criminal records in a metropolitan city within few hours, it can’t save a girl when she is raped by her own trusted friends. Nor it can do anything to protect a woman from her own family and in laws. It also can’t prevent anyone from getting murdered in his own house or getting injured in a road accident. Also even if it catches the criminals it takes ages for the judiciary to punish them (Police is responsible for this).

 Also the police can’t counter armed terrorists with their 303 used at the time of First World War. Nor it can arrest leaders who initiate riots and have millions of followers plus political asylum of the same govt for which they are working. Neither can it remain polite in a socially irresponsible society. Also it can’t provide personal security to every individual of the nation.  And most important thing it does not has a minority report department to keep an eye on crime happening in future and prevent them from happening. Also these idlers have working hours of only 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it must be increased.  LoL See how pathetic is our police department.

And it is not only our fundamental duty but moral responsibility to ask “What was police doing” whenever any such act of violence is executed in the country after all everyone has a very clear idea about what others should do in their  life.

Putin and Syria

Hail to the Russian President Vladimir Putin for forcing the Imperialistic forces of US to leave Syria at peace. And thus sending a very strong message to US and its allies whose growing power had become unchallenged since the end of cold war that their days of ruining any nation at their will are numbered. Seems like the glorious days of Russian supremacy are not far ahead. Thanks to Putin for taking a stand against injustice levied upon the innocent masses of Syria and saving them from genocide at the hands of Imperialist powers. No doubt he is one of the greatest leaders of the modern times a ‘ He Man’ as his admirers call him. A real life ‘Super Hero’ who helped his nation to overcome from crises generated from the the disintegration of USSR and regain its former lost glory.

Extermination of left

In recent news journalist Prashant Rahi arrested in Deori for showing sympathy with Naxals, JNU student Hem Mishra arrested for Naxal links and a DU professor G.N. Saibaba’s house raided for the same reasons. Yesterday four prominent Maoist leaders arrested from Dumari Bajju village in Bihar and most impressive thirteen Maoists killed in an encounter in Salaikota Reserve Orissa (Lol looks like someone’s days are numbered  just kidding). Seems like the Govt is going down on this Reds with heavy hands and yes their Operation Green Hunt is really effective. Or it may be Imperialistic powers are wishing to start some Narmada Valley type project God knows.
But admit it these moves of exterminating the reds are far more effective than the development projects in these areas such as providing schools, hospitals, social security or rehabilitation as promised when these aboriginals were deprived of their villages due to various development schemes like Sardar Sarovar Dam or establishment of mining plants. See we have millions to spend on Operation Green Hunt to suppress the voice of poor but not for their upliftment.
This class struggle will not end because we are curing the affects not the disease. Arrest of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi puts a big question mark on one’s right of choosing his political beliefs. Seems like right or centre is OK but tilting towards left makes one anti national. What kind of Govt does that ‘Fascist’ or the ore run by banks and corporations?

16th Dec Delhi Rape

16th Dec Delhi rape case verdict announced this afternoon and the court decided to kill people who kill people to tell people that killing is wrong. The brutality of the crime makes it rarest of the rare and thus justifies the verdict and it will not be wrong to say that justice was neither delayed nor denied. It was ridiculous to hear defense lawyer A P Singh’s remark that he would not appeal in high court only if no rape occurs in Delhi for next two months and hanging the convicts will not help in lowering the crime rate against women. I and everyone knows that this verdict or any other verdict cannot lower rate of any kind of crime , so should the court deny the convicts of the deserved punishment because hanging them will not help in lowering the rape stats? I don’t think the session court is responsible for sending public messages/awareness but it’s just a judiciary body which examines the case and gives judgement accordingly and this is what it had done this case also. Forget about its impact on society, don’t these people deserve the capital punishment considering the severity of crime? And please before blaming that ‘India’ is unsafe for women or every man is a potential rapist or social outlook is responsible for rapes have a good look of your surrounding width your own eyes and do not go accept these remarks because some news channel is telling us to believe so !!

The political syndicate

Personally I believe that whatever party runs the govt works for same set of bourgeois and has a common motive of generating capital gain by taking political control i.e. what people call a multiparty system I call it a political syndicate. But keeping in mind the ‘n’ number of riots and killings conducted in past one and a half year in the state I must say at least people were alive to blame govt of being corrupt and controlled by corporations before that

Syrian Crises

Now US wants to bomb Syria because Syrians are killing Syrians. The same old strategy of initiating civil war in a nation with the help of opposition an terrorist and declaring the govt unconstitutional and suppressive. Until the terrorists disguised as rebels were conducting killing it was called uprising but when govt retaliated the move was termed inhumane! Now the imperialists are going to destroy Syria to restore democracy. Did ‘Agent Orange’ skipped from their mind when they accused Syrian govt of using chemical weapons against those terrorists. Its is ridiculous to see they belong to other countries lyk Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and call them Syrian rebel. What right does these imperialist nations have to restore democracy across the globe when they themselves are being run by Bankers and corporations. John D Rockefeller the founding member of FED himself said give me the control over the money supply and I don’t care who makes the law.
Or it is not a war for restoring democracy but filling the pockets of these Bankers, Arms cartels and Construction firms. War is a business and an economy fueled by war will never let the world to be at peace. The era of colonization is over but imperial powers still exist. They exist in the form of corporations these Rockefellers, Rothschilds, J P Morgan, Walmart and Gates. They are the new nations and controlling the money supply, media, social trends and even our living and thinking! For long lasting peace, human development and substantial growth these imperialist corporate monsters and idea of capitalism must be eliminated from the face of earth. When the whole world will belong to the people Monsters of all kind shall be dead !

Food security and morality among people

The food security bill was passed and everyone is yelling that it will bankrupt the nation. Well the nation is made up of people lyk u an I and most of them live below poverty line. I can’t tell the exact %age as it varies 4m 27 to 53 acc to sources lyk govt or UN. But this fact is well known that India is a starving nation with with highest population of underweight children and starving population, 10k infants dying every day due to malnutretion. Isn’t it a ray of hope 4 the starving population. Are we people so low that they can object on poors being fed but absolutely indeffirent when millions are spend on world cup, IPL and commenwelth games ? Why are we so passionate about the world cup and not about the world? Whats wrong in these poor getting meal at subsidised rate. Some people say its a step taken by govt keeping the general elections in mind but isn’t the bottom line benificial 4 people living below poverty line. Even liberation of Goa, nuclear tests of 98 and keeping the Ram Mandir issue burning are politically motivated steps! And we didn’t got bankrupt by fighting 4 wars or in 92 then y now? And people who say devaluation of rupee is soly responsibility of govt should know we are also 2 b blamed. We use foreign brands, watch hollwood films, drink coke, eat in MacD and pizza hut, shop in malls and blame govt 4 devaluation of rupee. Don’t we share some blame 4 this state of currency.

It is really painful to see people with such lack of empathy and compassion. Instead of seeing this bill as a silver lining for the starving population of India we are discussing politics and bankruptcy of nation! Doesn’t these comments shoe moral bankruptcy of the nation? Where are those people who once believed that if even one man in this world is hungry we shall plough the whole earth to feed the last hungry mouth? Such attitude towards this bill is really shameful.

Mutual Handshake

The UP govt has decided to ban VHP’s proposed 84-Kosi yatra as it may cause law and order problem. This decision resulted into endless political debate which we are not going to discuss. What is being projected is that VHP leaders are undertaking this yatra (which was originally done by sages who have nothing to do with material world) to gather support for Ram Mandir but since it may cause a communal outrage as they were the one who demolished the Babari Masjid the UP govt is against this idea. Hence the state govt wants to avoid any communal tension because of its secular nature. But you know around eight decades ago the dictator of Germany Fourier Adolf Hitler said “the common masses are too innocent to see the mutual handshake between two people who are publically declared as enemies .” So if we see this event keeping in mind the fest of democracy it just seems like BJP strengthening its hindu vote bank in the name of taking pain of 84 kosi yatra for Ram Mandir and SP strengthening its minority vote bank in the name of keeping communal forces out if the state. Didn’t u got the smell of sulphur? We are not living in a system where different political parties with very different ideologies contest with one another to take control of the govt but in a mechanism where political parties belong to a single class system which is motivated by the ideal of making profit and working for the interest of the 1% most powerful and richest bourgeois of the nation!!!

Is Corruption Helpful

Visited RTO office to give application 4 DL. I found the sloath of office quiet benificial 4 mediators/ brokers, officials and applicants. I saw thirty to fourty mediators earning their living by helping U to get yr DL. All U have to do is submit yr photo, sign and thumb print and the mediators will make sure u get yr DL. The will submit yr fee and get yr form attested. Isn’t it fine that mediators earning livelihood , officeals getting their shares, office free from being crowded and applicants saving time by paying little extra ? Everyone is happy. Don’t u think if the office starts working properly these mediators will loose their source of income? One of them said even 4 arranging marriage u need some middle men.
And i think driving skill is more important than driving liscence for using a vehicle. A DL nothing more than just an ID which can help u to get more IDs! And is police going to jail us 4 not having a DL ?

Independence Day

Sixty six years ago on this very same day on the stroke of might night hour we had a tryst with destiny by gaining Independence. When the world slept India awoke into new life and freedom. We gained freedom on an inauspicious day as declared by astrologers. The India our leaders had to run was sick, hungry, riot hit and fragile its individual population of beggars, handicapped and lepers were as large as any European nation. We had a literacy rate of just thirteen percent with extremes of wealth and poverty, rain and droughts, crops and famines. We had just two hundred crores in treasury plus inherited dept of war fought by Britain and a rival nation on eastern and western fronts. This is from where we started and now sixty six years later we are one of the largest and fastest growing economies, second most populous country with a high happiness index, we are a nuclear superpower with third largest standing army, we have developed homemade satellites and rockets and have even sent mission to moon. Is there any other third world nation which has shown such rapid growth? We speak twenty five languages, fifteen hundred dialects follow eight religion, have 75% of the world’s biodiversity but we still we not only grow but flourish together. We move together as one India as we are bound by ideals of nationalism and brotherhood. There were people who said Indians are unfit to rule themselves or it would be a miracle if India can remain a single entity for even twenty years. Sixty six years later those racists and cold warriors are memory but we remain as unity. Lets celebrate this spirit of one India Long live the republic-
(and pls its my request don’t throw those plastic tricolor flags on roads after the celebration is over )