Drawingroom Outrage

Pakistan army violated the cease fire and attacked Indian army posts in which our five jawans lost their life. For this very sad and unfortunate event everyone has found an agenda for politics and directing the mindset of masses towards war. Baba Ramdev said for five Indian soldiers we must kill fifty of Pak army. One great nationalist suggested that we must hold the water of Indus which will lead to killing of five million Pakistanis. Some of them are calling the govt impotent as it is not able to pressurize Pak govt to keep a check on its army. Everyone wants retaliation and revenge and is blaming govt for not taking necessary steps. Actually I don’t understand what necessary steps they want govt to take. Don’t they realize cutting ties with Pak will lead to further tension an war like situation. Isn’t the govt doing right by trying to solve the problem in a peaceful way? And those insane who want war with Pakistan and destroy it completely just ask them what role they will play in the war do they even have the stomach to hold a gun and defend their homes during war? And don’t they realize it’s the common man who suffers the burden of war not those who declare it! For how long our thoughts will be controlled by the opinions of media and politicians? Destruction will be the ultimate cost of war. The only winners in war are the arms cartels and construction firms. Are we living in a fascist state with feeling of extreme nationalism which was the cause of first and Second World Wars. And why should thousands of our fellow brothers in army and civilians should pay the price of war with blood for ego of politicians and leaders who think men join army to die when govt can solve this problem peacefully through talks? And we all know victories of peace are more lasting than those of war. Don’t u think people living across the border are just like us made up of flesh and bones and believe in peace just like we do. We were once the part of the great Hindustan and we have more in common as people than there is anything common between us and our govt or them and their govt but as regarding to the govt of India and Pak or any other govt they are more or less the same!!!


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