Food security and morality among people

The food security bill was passed and everyone is yelling that it will bankrupt the nation. Well the nation is made up of people lyk u an I and most of them live below poverty line. I can’t tell the exact %age as it varies 4m 27 to 53 acc to sources lyk govt or UN. But this fact is well known that India is a starving nation with with highest population of underweight children and starving population, 10k infants dying every day due to malnutretion. Isn’t it a ray of hope 4 the starving population. Are we people so low that they can object on poors being fed but absolutely indeffirent when millions are spend on world cup, IPL and commenwelth games ? Why are we so passionate about the world cup and not about the world? Whats wrong in these poor getting meal at subsidised rate. Some people say its a step taken by govt keeping the general elections in mind but isn’t the bottom line benificial 4 people living below poverty line. Even liberation of Goa, nuclear tests of 98 and keeping the Ram Mandir issue burning are politically motivated steps! And we didn’t got bankrupt by fighting 4 wars or in 92 then y now? And people who say devaluation of rupee is soly responsibility of govt should know we are also 2 b blamed. We use foreign brands, watch hollwood films, drink coke, eat in MacD and pizza hut, shop in malls and blame govt 4 devaluation of rupee. Don’t we share some blame 4 this state of currency.

It is really painful to see people with such lack of empathy and compassion. Instead of seeing this bill as a silver lining for the starving population of India we are discussing politics and bankruptcy of nation! Doesn’t these comments shoe moral bankruptcy of the nation? Where are those people who once believed that if even one man in this world is hungry we shall plough the whole earth to feed the last hungry mouth? Such attitude towards this bill is really shameful.


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