Independence Day

Sixty six years ago on this very same day on the stroke of might night hour we had a tryst with destiny by gaining Independence. When the world slept India awoke into new life and freedom. We gained freedom on an inauspicious day as declared by astrologers. The India our leaders had to run was sick, hungry, riot hit and fragile its individual population of beggars, handicapped and lepers were as large as any European nation. We had a literacy rate of just thirteen percent with extremes of wealth and poverty, rain and droughts, crops and famines. We had just two hundred crores in treasury plus inherited dept of war fought by Britain and a rival nation on eastern and western fronts. This is from where we started and now sixty six years later we are one of the largest and fastest growing economies, second most populous country with a high happiness index, we are a nuclear superpower with third largest standing army, we have developed homemade satellites and rockets and have even sent mission to moon. Is there any other third world nation which has shown such rapid growth? We speak twenty five languages, fifteen hundred dialects follow eight religion, have 75% of the world’s biodiversity but we still we not only grow but flourish together. We move together as one India as we are bound by ideals of nationalism and brotherhood. There were people who said Indians are unfit to rule themselves or it would be a miracle if India can remain a single entity for even twenty years. Sixty six years later those racists and cold warriors are memory but we remain as unity. Lets celebrate this spirit of one India Long live the republic-
(and pls its my request don’t throw those plastic tricolor flags on roads after the celebration is over )


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