Is Corruption Helpful

Visited RTO office to give application 4 DL. I found the sloath of office quiet benificial 4 mediators/ brokers, officials and applicants. I saw thirty to fourty mediators earning their living by helping U to get yr DL. All U have to do is submit yr photo, sign and thumb print and the mediators will make sure u get yr DL. The will submit yr fee and get yr form attested. Isn’t it fine that mediators earning livelihood , officeals getting their shares, office free from being crowded and applicants saving time by paying little extra ? Everyone is happy. Don’t u think if the office starts working properly these mediators will loose their source of income? One of them said even 4 arranging marriage u need some middle men.
And i think driving skill is more important than driving liscence for using a vehicle. A DL nothing more than just an ID which can help u to get more IDs! And is police going to jail us 4 not having a DL ?


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