Mutual Handshake

The UP govt has decided to ban VHP’s proposed 84-Kosi yatra as it may cause law and order problem. This decision resulted into endless political debate which we are not going to discuss. What is being projected is that VHP leaders are undertaking this yatra (which was originally done by sages who have nothing to do with material world) to gather support for Ram Mandir but since it may cause a communal outrage as they were the one who demolished the Babari Masjid the UP govt is against this idea. Hence the state govt wants to avoid any communal tension because of its secular nature. But you know around eight decades ago the dictator of Germany Fourier Adolf Hitler said “the common masses are too innocent to see the mutual handshake between two people who are publically declared as enemies .” So if we see this event keeping in mind the fest of democracy it just seems like BJP strengthening its hindu vote bank in the name of taking pain of 84 kosi yatra for Ram Mandir and SP strengthening its minority vote bank in the name of keeping communal forces out if the state. Didn’t u got the smell of sulphur? We are not living in a system where different political parties with very different ideologies contest with one another to take control of the govt but in a mechanism where political parties belong to a single class system which is motivated by the ideal of making profit and working for the interest of the 1% most powerful and richest bourgeois of the nation!!!


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