16th Dec Delhi Rape

16th Dec Delhi rape case verdict announced this afternoon and the court decided to kill people who kill people to tell people that killing is wrong. The brutality of the crime makes it rarest of the rare and thus justifies the verdict and it will not be wrong to say that justice was neither delayed nor denied. It was ridiculous to hear defense lawyer A P Singh’s remark that he would not appeal in high court only if no rape occurs in Delhi for next two months and hanging the convicts will not help in lowering the crime rate against women. I and everyone knows that this verdict or any other verdict cannot lower rate of any kind of crime , so should the court deny the convicts of the deserved punishment because hanging them will not help in lowering the rape stats? I don’t think the session court is responsible for sending public messages/awareness but it’s just a judiciary body which examines the case and gives judgement accordingly and this is what it had done this case also. Forget about its impact on society, don’t these people deserve the capital punishment considering the severity of crime? And please before blaming that ‘India’ is unsafe for women or every man is a potential rapist or social outlook is responsible for rapes have a good look of your surrounding width your own eyes and do not go accept these remarks because some news channel is telling us to believe so !!


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