Extermination of left

In recent news journalist Prashant Rahi arrested in Deori for showing sympathy with Naxals, JNU student Hem Mishra arrested for Naxal links and a DU professor G.N. Saibaba’s house raided for the same reasons. Yesterday four prominent Maoist leaders arrested from Dumari Bajju village in Bihar and most impressive thirteen Maoists killed in an encounter in Salaikota Reserve Orissa (Lol looks like someone’s days are numbered  just kidding). Seems like the Govt is going down on this Reds with heavy hands and yes their Operation Green Hunt is really effective. Or it may be Imperialistic powers are wishing to start some Narmada Valley type project God knows.
But admit it these moves of exterminating the reds are far more effective than the development projects in these areas such as providing schools, hospitals, social security or rehabilitation as promised when these aboriginals were deprived of their villages due to various development schemes like Sardar Sarovar Dam or establishment of mining plants. See we have millions to spend on Operation Green Hunt to suppress the voice of poor but not for their upliftment.
This class struggle will not end because we are curing the affects not the disease. Arrest of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi puts a big question mark on one’s right of choosing his political beliefs. Seems like right or centre is OK but tilting towards left makes one anti national. What kind of Govt does that ‘Fascist’ or the ore run by banks and corporations?


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