Syrian Crises

Now US wants to bomb Syria because Syrians are killing Syrians. The same old strategy of initiating civil war in a nation with the help of opposition an terrorist and declaring the govt unconstitutional and suppressive. Until the terrorists disguised as rebels were conducting killing it was called uprising but when govt retaliated the move was termed inhumane! Now the imperialists are going to destroy Syria to restore democracy. Did ‘Agent Orange’ skipped from their mind when they accused Syrian govt of using chemical weapons against those terrorists. Its is ridiculous to see they belong to other countries lyk Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and call them Syrian rebel. What right does these imperialist nations have to restore democracy across the globe when they themselves are being run by Bankers and corporations. John D Rockefeller the founding member of FED himself said give me the control over the money supply and I don’t care who makes the law.
Or it is not a war for restoring democracy but filling the pockets of these Bankers, Arms cartels and Construction firms. War is a business and an economy fueled by war will never let the world to be at peace. The era of colonization is over but imperial powers still exist. They exist in the form of corporations these Rockefellers, Rothschilds, J P Morgan, Walmart and Gates. They are the new nations and controlling the money supply, media, social trends and even our living and thinking! For long lasting peace, human development and substantial growth these imperialist corporate monsters and idea of capitalism must be eliminated from the face of earth. When the whole world will belong to the people Monsters of all kind shall be dead !


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