The Moral Police

According to certain Jason Bournes of our country the Indian Police department is the most ineffective and impotent organization of the world. It is because it can’t catch perverts having no criminal records in a metropolitan city within few hours, it can’t save a girl when she is raped by her own trusted friends. Nor it can do anything to protect a woman from her own family and in laws. It also can’t prevent anyone from getting murdered in his own house or getting injured in a road accident. Also even if it catches the criminals it takes ages for the judiciary to punish them (Police is responsible for this).

 Also the police can’t counter armed terrorists with their 303 used at the time of First World War. Nor it can arrest leaders who initiate riots and have millions of followers plus political asylum of the same govt for which they are working. Neither can it remain polite in a socially irresponsible society. Also it can’t provide personal security to every individual of the nation.  And most important thing it does not has a minority report department to keep an eye on crime happening in future and prevent them from happening. Also these idlers have working hours of only 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it must be increased.  LoL See how pathetic is our police department.

And it is not only our fundamental duty but moral responsibility to ask “What was police doing” whenever any such act of violence is executed in the country after all everyone has a very clear idea about what others should do in their  life.


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