Mars and Malnutrition

People feel proud that India is sending mission to Mars called Mars orbit mission. Is there anything to be proud about when a gradually militarizing nation spends millions to enter enters some sort of space race. Around eighty million dollars are wasted just to study a piece of rock revolving around the nearest star when life on this planet itself is getting miserable day by day. Why we see it as a symbol of national pride rather than shame when millions are starving within the nation? One third of the the world’s malnourished children live in India around ten thousand infants die daily due to starvation. About one fourth of the starving population live in India and even countries such as North Korea and Sudan have better hunger Index than India. Where are those people now who feared that feeding the sick and starving population of the country can lead to financial bankruptcy? Oh they must be celebrating this wastage of funds. Do not bother if ‘Indians’ starve with empty bellies the important thing is ‘India’ should shine with blazing missiles, nuclear bombs and of course Mangalyaan !! After all killing and dying for the state one of the most divine and honorable act. This increased nationalism is only fueling the militarization of Indian state which is aimed at turning the nation into a corporate state. Pity on that state which is at war with its own people in North east, Chhatisgarh, Telangana and Kashmir.


Saving a Hill !!

“These days saving a hill are more important than writing a book” these were the words of Ms Arundhati Roy as she admired the struggle of Dongria tribe and its success in stopping Vedanta Resources to plunder the Niyamgiri Hills. For Vedanta Niyamgiri is just another hill with Bauxite deposits worth millions but for these aboriginals it’s their life upon which the survival of their entire clan depends. This hill is important to them as it is helpful in maintaining ecological balance of the area, purifying water and supporting livestock and forest products. 
This mining shark Vedanta Resource is already facing charges such as tax evasion, human rights violation in mining area and shipping precious metals such as platinum and palladium along with bauxite scrap. Our Govt has found an easy way to dislocate these people from their very home by declaring every person who resides in forest as Maoist hence forcing them to abandon their homeland and live in relief camps made for them on road side. When these mining sharks backed by the Govt are brutalizing these poorest of poor in order to drive them away from their lands and forests what would one expect from these people to do in retaliation?? Apply Gandhian method and do satyagrah??

BBCI and Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar whom people claim to be the god of cricket is to be given Bharat Ratna along with Professor C.N.R. Rao. Cricket which is said to be a religion in India is entirely run by a ‘private club consortium’ known as BCCI . This game was mainly popularized by soft drink companies like Coca Cola which is said to be the Ultimate Reflection of Cultural Imperialism and is also famous by the name of the imperialistic black water. BCCI itself stated that Team India plays only for them. While he is to receive Bharat Ratna for playing for BCCI we hope the wizard of hockey Major Dhyan Chand and the last field Marshal of India Sam Manekshaw who still await for the honour they rightfully deserved for representing the nation and serving the Indian Army in all these years will precede him shortly. After all over spirit of nationalism is awoken only by the game of cricket. I can only say there is something very wrong with our idea of legends when a person guarding our borders and our lives dies a dogs death unsung and unrecognized while a man guarding three sticks with a wooden plank becomes a legend!!!

All against AAP

Kejriwal meets Muslim cleric Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan and now everyone wants his head!! And look he is being blamed for playing communal card by BJP and Congress itself. The former is political wing of a Hindu fanatic organization and the later a pseudo secular all communal Hindu party feasting on Muslim votes.What right they have to blame someone when they survive on communalism and hate politics. Congress in its sixty years of rule has given us three wars and a pogrom while NDA in its six years rule gave a war and conducted a pogrom and still no one sees any similarity between the two. It is ridiculous that they find every party corrupt, anti development and communal except their own and we still believe some or the other party’s story. Just like Hitler said in Mein Kampf that a good politician makes the masses believe all his opponents belong to a single class. Both these demons work hand in hand aiming towards converting this socialist secular state into a fascist corporate state. 
With the fall of Soviet Union Indian Indian govt tilted towards US block, it not only opened its markets for the private corporations leading towards privatization of national assets but also fueled the religious fanaticism by highlighting the Ram Mandir issue. While Manmohan Singh was busy liberalizing the Indian market for foreign corporations to rob us Advani was executing Rakt Yatra to in order to fuel the religious fanaticism in the country. All this just to militarize the nation so that the national and international bourgeois can openly loot the country’s assets an of course you will be branded terrorist and shot if you refuse to remain an oppressed, after all the spirit of nationalism is very strong among us. They turned proletariat against proletariat so that the power of theses bourgeois funding both the parties remain unchallenged. This syndicate has always worked together for mutual benefits and we give preference to one or the other political party in the hope of choosing the lesser evil.

BJP -Congress

   Mr. Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Chattisgarh accused BJP for corruption, assassination of their leaders and acquiring over six lakh acres of land from farmers and selling it to big corporate. Seems like the names of those corporations skipped from his mind. A perfect example of BJP – Congress working hand to glove for mutual benefit can be seen in this state. While those in the state govt sell land to mining sharks the one at centre help in the execution of such deals by sending army and aiding local goons of Salwa Judum in order to force farmers to evacuate their lands.

    Mr. Gandhi’s heart ached for the annihilated fascist leader Mahendra Karma credited with murder of over a thousand aboriginals and the very founder of the brutal anti Maoist force Salwa Judum whose sole purpose was to suppress the voice of poor. They terrorised the poor aboriginals by killing them, raping their women and forcing them to leave their lands. Karma met his end at the hands of these poor exploited Maoist rebels in an act of vengeance and Mr. Gandhi sees a political conspiracy in this. Instead of naming the corporations who were involved in this brutal oppression of poor he simply played the blame game by accusing BJP govt for all this. After all everyone is benefited by exploiting poorest of the poor of the country. As we all know there is a lot of money in poverty.          

PM in UN

The prime minister of the world’s largest democracy in one of his bluntest remark during his speech in the UN assembly quoted that “Kashmir was and will always be an integral part of India and in this context no compromise will be made even if Pakistan based terrorist machinery is shut down”. He blamed Pakistan for being an epicentre of terrorism in India and running Terrorist camps on its soil. He also said that the borders shall never be re drawn and but India is sincerely  committed in resolving the Kashmir issue through bilateral talks based of Shimla Agreement  and at best Pakistan can only hope for reorganization of LoC as actual border.

He also talked about the world nuclear disarmament, Non- violent world order, development and poverty after recession and other issues like Syrian crises and question of peace in Palestine. The last line was not of much importance but I wrote it only to comfort those people for whom the larger than life question was “Why is our PM always in silent mode?”  I think these are the same people for whom Salman Khan’s marriage is the biggest national issue!

But all his display of national strength and firmness at an international platform was sidelined by the feeble minded audience because for them the bigger news was that the self esteem of a fascist leader was badly shaken because he had ‘learnt’ from some ‘blemished’ sources that Pakistani counterpart of Indian PM has dishonoured Mr Manmohan Singh by referring him as a ‘village women’ who begs Obama to support him on the question of Ksahmir and thus not only disrespecting him but the entire nation. It is interesting to note that NDTV’s journalist Barkha Dutt and Pakistan’s Hamid Mir who were actually present that time with Mr Nawaz sharif reported that he said absolutely nothing sarcastic about his Indian counterpart!  Now the question is whom should we believe?? 

Policing Police

According to certain Jason Bournes of our country the Indian Police department is the most ineffective and impotent organization of the world. It is because it can’t catch perverts having no criminal records in a metropolitan city within few hours, it can’t save a girl when she is raped by her own trusted friends. Nor it can do anything to protect a woman from her own family and in laws. It also can’t prevent anyone from getting murdered in his own house or getting injured in a road accident. Also even if it catches the criminals it takes ages for the judiciary to punish them (Police is responsible for this).

 Also the police can’t counter armed terrorists with their 303 used at the time of First World War. Nor it can arrest leaders who initiate riots and have millions of followers plus political asylum of the same govt for which they are working. Neither can it remain polite in a socially irresponsible society. Also it can’t provide personal security to every individual of the nation.  And most important thing it does not has a minority report department to keep an eye on crime happening in future and prevent them from happening. Also these idlers have working hours of only 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it must be increased.  LoL See how pathetic is our police department.

And it is not only our fundamental duty but moral responsibility to ask “What was police doing” whenever any such act of violence is executed in the country after all everyone has a very clear idea about what others should do in their  life.