All against AAP

Kejriwal meets Muslim cleric Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan and now everyone wants his head!! And look he is being blamed for playing communal card by BJP and Congress itself. The former is political wing of a Hindu fanatic organization and the later a pseudo secular all communal Hindu party feasting on Muslim votes.What right they have to blame someone when they survive on communalism and hate politics. Congress in its sixty years of rule has given us three wars and a pogrom while NDA in its six years rule gave a war and conducted a pogrom and still no one sees any similarity between the two. It is ridiculous that they find every party corrupt, anti development and communal except their own and we still believe some or the other party’s story. Just like Hitler said in Mein Kampf that a good politician makes the masses believe all his opponents belong to a single class. Both these demons work hand in hand aiming towards converting this socialist secular state into a fascist corporate state. 
With the fall of Soviet Union Indian Indian govt tilted towards US block, it not only opened its markets for the private corporations leading towards privatization of national assets but also fueled the religious fanaticism by highlighting the Ram Mandir issue. While Manmohan Singh was busy liberalizing the Indian market for foreign corporations to rob us Advani was executing Rakt Yatra to in order to fuel the religious fanaticism in the country. All this just to militarize the nation so that the national and international bourgeois can openly loot the country’s assets an of course you will be branded terrorist and shot if you refuse to remain an oppressed, after all the spirit of nationalism is very strong among us. They turned proletariat against proletariat so that the power of theses bourgeois funding both the parties remain unchallenged. This syndicate has always worked together for mutual benefits and we give preference to one or the other political party in the hope of choosing the lesser evil.


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