BBCI and Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar whom people claim to be the god of cricket is to be given Bharat Ratna along with Professor C.N.R. Rao. Cricket which is said to be a religion in India is entirely run by a ‘private club consortium’ known as BCCI . This game was mainly popularized by soft drink companies like Coca Cola which is said to be the Ultimate Reflection of Cultural Imperialism and is also famous by the name of the imperialistic black water. BCCI itself stated that Team India plays only for them. While he is to receive Bharat Ratna for playing for BCCI we hope the wizard of hockey Major Dhyan Chand and the last field Marshal of India Sam Manekshaw who still await for the honour they rightfully deserved for representing the nation and serving the Indian Army in all these years will precede him shortly. After all over spirit of nationalism is awoken only by the game of cricket. I can only say there is something very wrong with our idea of legends when a person guarding our borders and our lives dies a dogs death unsung and unrecognized while a man guarding three sticks with a wooden plank becomes a legend!!!


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