BJP -Congress

   Mr. Rahul Gandhi while addressing a rally in Chattisgarh accused BJP for corruption, assassination of their leaders and acquiring over six lakh acres of land from farmers and selling it to big corporate. Seems like the names of those corporations skipped from his mind. A perfect example of BJP – Congress working hand to glove for mutual benefit can be seen in this state. While those in the state govt sell land to mining sharks the one at centre help in the execution of such deals by sending army and aiding local goons of Salwa Judum in order to force farmers to evacuate their lands.

    Mr. Gandhi’s heart ached for the annihilated fascist leader Mahendra Karma credited with murder of over a thousand aboriginals and the very founder of the brutal anti Maoist force Salwa Judum whose sole purpose was to suppress the voice of poor. They terrorised the poor aboriginals by killing them, raping their women and forcing them to leave their lands. Karma met his end at the hands of these poor exploited Maoist rebels in an act of vengeance and Mr. Gandhi sees a political conspiracy in this. Instead of naming the corporations who were involved in this brutal oppression of poor he simply played the blame game by accusing BJP govt for all this. After all everyone is benefited by exploiting poorest of the poor of the country. As we all know there is a lot of money in poverty.          


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