Kashmir! Kashmir!

‘The common masses are too innocent to see the mutual handshake between two people publicly declared as enemies’  these were the words of the Fürier Adolf Hitler in his ultra nationalist book Mein Kampf. 

The burning Kashmir issue seems to be the best sited example of this statement in our nation and of course the neighbouring nation. This issue is one of its kinds that have haunted the politics of both the nations since they were born. We fought four wars since (1947, 65, 71 and 99) causing thousands of soldiers and civilians dead on both sides of borders and property worth millions destroyed.  Billions were spend in the name of national security, pacts with US and Russia were made, ammunitions and soldiers were transported on Indian soil and thus making huge profit for arm cartels as well as leaders of both the nations. The money which should have been spend on development was actually spend on preparation for war and destruction. And what was the result? Both the armies are still standing on the Line of Control glaring into each other’s eyes where they stood 67 years ago. Why we never had an outcome of the war (except death and destruction) and nearly no progress was made in the Kashmir issue. Or this war was never meant to be won just to be prolonged as long as it could be.

 And now both the govt on either side can fool the people in the name of national security and use the national treasury collected from our taxes on military expenses rather than on development schemes. After all there is more profit in war than providing infrastructure, schools, roads and hospitals to people. Ever wondered why India and Pakistan are adamant to claim a land whose people want to get rid of both the nations and demanding a free Kashmir which would be Switzerland of Asia (as Sheikh Abdulla said). Why billions are spilled in protection of a land whose people do not consider them as one of us, are we running some colony in the north?  And why are we so emotional about securing such piece of land in what way it will be helpful for us? Don’t you think proper education, healthcare and employment is more important for people rather than telling them on television that Hurrah we have gained control on whole of Kashmir? 

The leaders of both the land are just cashing in our sentiment of extreme nationalism. They have converted the divine idea of nationalism into some barbaric cult which demands human sacrifice. Long before in 1952 the British communist writer named Philip Spratt suggested that Kashmir should be left in peace as the cost of claiming it would be too high for both the nations and this issue would be the major reason for cross border tension between the two nations .Wasn’t  he right?  Just give it a thought wouldn’t it be fine if we get rid of Kashmir and let the Kashmiries decide their fate so that we could live in peace and our tax could be used for some constructive purpose. But they don’t want to solve this issue after all they will have to invent another issue so that they can use our tax in some defence project which we do not understand. And please don’t join the mass hysteria of creating an atmosphere for war as we will die and they will earn! 


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