Mars and Malnutrition

People feel proud that India is sending mission to Mars called Mars orbit mission. Is there anything to be proud about when a gradually militarizing nation spends millions to enter enters some sort of space race. Around eighty million dollars are wasted just to study a piece of rock revolving around the nearest star when life on this planet itself is getting miserable day by day. Why we see it as a symbol of national pride rather than shame when millions are starving within the nation? One third of the the world’s malnourished children live in India around ten thousand infants die daily due to starvation. About one fourth of the starving population live in India and even countries such as North Korea and Sudan have better hunger Index than India. Where are those people now who feared that feeding the sick and starving population of the country can lead to financial bankruptcy? Oh they must be celebrating this wastage of funds. Do not bother if ‘Indians’ starve with empty bellies the important thing is ‘India’ should shine with blazing missiles, nuclear bombs and of course Mangalyaan !! After all killing and dying for the state one of the most divine and honorable act. This increased nationalism is only fueling the militarization of Indian state which is aimed at turning the nation into a corporate state. Pity on that state which is at war with its own people in North east, Chhatisgarh, Telangana and Kashmir.


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