PM in UN

The prime minister of the world’s largest democracy in one of his bluntest remark during his speech in the UN assembly quoted that “Kashmir was and will always be an integral part of India and in this context no compromise will be made even if Pakistan based terrorist machinery is shut down”. He blamed Pakistan for being an epicentre of terrorism in India and running Terrorist camps on its soil. He also said that the borders shall never be re drawn and but India is sincerely  committed in resolving the Kashmir issue through bilateral talks based of Shimla Agreement  and at best Pakistan can only hope for reorganization of LoC as actual border.

He also talked about the world nuclear disarmament, Non- violent world order, development and poverty after recession and other issues like Syrian crises and question of peace in Palestine. The last line was not of much importance but I wrote it only to comfort those people for whom the larger than life question was “Why is our PM always in silent mode?”  I think these are the same people for whom Salman Khan’s marriage is the biggest national issue!

But all his display of national strength and firmness at an international platform was sidelined by the feeble minded audience because for them the bigger news was that the self esteem of a fascist leader was badly shaken because he had ‘learnt’ from some ‘blemished’ sources that Pakistani counterpart of Indian PM has dishonoured Mr Manmohan Singh by referring him as a ‘village women’ who begs Obama to support him on the question of Ksahmir and thus not only disrespecting him but the entire nation. It is interesting to note that NDTV’s journalist Barkha Dutt and Pakistan’s Hamid Mir who were actually present that time with Mr Nawaz sharif reported that he said absolutely nothing sarcastic about his Indian counterpart!  Now the question is whom should we believe?? 


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