R.I.P. Red Napoleon

Rest in peace General Vo Nguyen Giap the Red Napoleon of the communist world. It seems like all the icons of communism are either dead or slowly heading towards grave.  Giap was the man responsible for breaking the myth of the western invincibility not just once but twice by defeating France in First Indochina (1946-54) war and the mighty USA in the Vietnam War (1955-75).He was the man who slaughtered the French and humiliated the Yankees. A hand to glove of Uncle Ho Chi Minch was a true patriot and communist who carried forward the war against the imperialist US after the death of Minch and fulfilled the dream of a free socialist Vietnam. He showed marvellous resistance against those western powers even after suffering huge losses of men and material, it is said any other General would have packed his baggages in a week after as much loss as he suffered. It was a fierce and brutal war for liberation of his people that he fought but he carried on because he just like Ho believed freedom and independence are the most precious things of the world.

After all it takes every fibre of your strength to fight a seven year war to liberate your country and then within a year again get ready to fight a war with the mightiest power of the west which would last for twenty years no doubt he is the greatest military genius of all times. The very name of Vietnam is a symbol of the humiliating defeat that the monsters of USA faced at the hand of an army which has nothing but their spirits to keep them moving and at the end it was the people who decided the victory irrespective of what weapons they carried. We thank General Giap for giving us hope that these fascists and imperialist monsters too can be defeated by power of people. No doubt communism is trembling but the idea of capitalism is also failing the American shutdown is the most recent example of it. And yes communism will rise from its ashes and when this time comes the ruling classes will perish in the holocaust of class struggle. One day the world will belong only to its people and monsters of every kind shall be destroyed.

We truly salute the spirit and ideals of our great military genius he will always live in our hearts as the symbol of victory against imperialism. 


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