Saving a Hill !!

“These days saving a hill are more important than writing a book” these were the words of Ms Arundhati Roy as she admired the struggle of Dongria tribe and its success in stopping Vedanta Resources to plunder the Niyamgiri Hills. For Vedanta Niyamgiri is just another hill with Bauxite deposits worth millions but for these aboriginals it’s their life upon which the survival of their entire clan depends. This hill is important to them as it is helpful in maintaining ecological balance of the area, purifying water and supporting livestock and forest products. 
This mining shark Vedanta Resource is already facing charges such as tax evasion, human rights violation in mining area and shipping precious metals such as platinum and palladium along with bauxite scrap. Our Govt has found an easy way to dislocate these people from their very home by declaring every person who resides in forest as Maoist hence forcing them to abandon their homeland and live in relief camps made for them on road side. When these mining sharks backed by the Govt are brutalizing these poorest of poor in order to drive them away from their lands and forests what would one expect from these people to do in retaliation?? Apply Gandhian method and do satyagrah??


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