Tilangana State

    “The merger of Tilangana and Andhra is a matrimonial alliance with a provision of divorce” these were the lines of Nehru when the state of Andhra Pradesh was created. He was against the idea of creation of states to be carved out on linguistic basis as he feared it would shift the loyalty of people from the nation to their particular states. But in 1952 the gandhian leader Potti Sriramulu spearheaded the legendry fast until death for telgu movement in order to create a separate state for Telgu speaking people i.e. merger of Telangana and Andhra to form Andhra Pradesh. Unfortunately he died after fifty eight days of heroic fast and the widespread agitation finally lead to formation of Andhra Pradesh.

    Telangana is the region of the great Maoist uprising in which the peasants revolted against the landlords, killed most of those class enemies and redistributed their lands among the poor landless labours. Later this movement turned against the princely state of Nizam and this people’s army helped the Indian army to overthrow the last Princely state of the nation. That looks quite impressive na, just like Marxist utopia. The communists started to run people’s govt in the region and hence the state turned against them and finally this movement died out in 1952.

   But inspite of being merged with Andhra on linguistic basis the people of Tilangana region complain that it is not much helpful to them because most of the advantages and opportunities are grabbed by people of more developed and literate coastal Andhra. Their grievances seem justified as this region is home to forty percent of state’s population and generates nearly seventy five percent of the state’s revenue. But only twenty percent of its people are represented in the state’s govt job and share of educational funding is merely ten percent on primary education and less than five percent from this region are heading any department of the state. Also the state has seen only one CM from this region in all these years. It just seems like this region is merely being milked for the development of Coastal Andhra. Remember what Adiga said “There are two kinds of India within the nation the India of coasts and the India if river banks the former is bright and developed and the later is dark, diseased and starving.” 


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