Do really

The US officials arrested an Indian for ill treating an Indian!! But all our sympathies are for the one being arrested as she was a diplomat and we don’t give a thought about the one who was being ill treated, given less than the minimum wages, kept in slave like condition, given no day off and compelled to work for nearly eighteen hours a day just because she was a house maid. And what was her name?? Oh I remember; Sangeeta. She accused Devyani for giving her slavery like condition, denying her medical allowances and threatening her family with severe consequences if they complain. But the legal action taken against such crime against humanity was more of a blot on India’s pride rather than the crime committed by the diplomat. Class disparity. People say the salary given to Indian diplomats is insufficient to meet US standards of minimum wages ($7.25/hour). If that was the case and she was unable to afford a maid in the she shouldn’t have taken one. Isn’t that simple as it sounds ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’


Long Live Mao

This 26th December marked the 120th birth anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong the founding father of the Communist China and one of the greatest communist icons. He was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary whose ideals became famous by the name Maoism (a spectre that currently haunts India). He applied the Marxist-Leninist principles in his country in order to overthrow the reactionary and feudal government of Chaing Kai-Shek and established a people’s Govt in China. Before that he made an alliance with the same reactionary govt in order to save his nation from imperialist Japan. We salute him for making the masses victorious against the imperialists, capitalists and colonist and proving such reactionaries are just paper tiger.

Mao believed political power grows through the barrel of gun and revolution is no tea party; hence leading the masses towards the armed struggle and establishing a dictatorship of proletariat and thus taking the first step towards the dream of a world owned by people not the monsters of capitalism. Even though programmes such as ‘The great leap forward’ and ‘Cultural Revolution’ are a blot on his legacy at the end of the day we must not forget that leaders are mere humans not God. His famous book ‘Quotations from Mao Zedong’ also famous by the name of ‘The little red book’ became to be known as the bible of proletariat revolutionaries and still inspires people with light and freedom in their heart.

Workers of the world Unite!!!

At least let them breath!!!

   An AAP office in Ghaziabad was vandalized over Pershant Bhushan’s remark of having a referendum over military occupation in the valley. Kashmir became a part of India on the condition that later the Kashmiris will have the final say in choosing between India and Pak but that referendum never took place. Rather Kashmir was made a military occupation by the govt. I guess it’s reasonable to have Kashmiris decide their fate rather than people of Delhi or Maharashtra.

   Crimes committed by the military can no longer be ignored in the valley when fake encounters, detainment and jamming the communications becomes common. People can be arrested for demanding electricity and thousands have simply disappeared. Just apply a simple mathematics; about 160 thousand American troops were employed to take down Iraq while his beautiful small valley has a military occupation of 700 thousand troops. I guess it’s enough to understand the pathetic condition of these people and why this referendum is necessary