At least let them breath!!!

   An AAP office in Ghaziabad was vandalized over Pershant Bhushan’s remark of having a referendum over military occupation in the valley. Kashmir became a part of India on the condition that later the Kashmiris will have the final say in choosing between India and Pak but that referendum never took place. Rather Kashmir was made a military occupation by the govt. I guess it’s reasonable to have Kashmiris decide their fate rather than people of Delhi or Maharashtra.

   Crimes committed by the military can no longer be ignored in the valley when fake encounters, detainment and jamming the communications becomes common. People can be arrested for demanding electricity and thousands have simply disappeared. Just apply a simple mathematics; about 160 thousand American troops were employed to take down Iraq while his beautiful small valley has a military occupation of 700 thousand troops. I guess it’s enough to understand the pathetic condition of these people and why this referendum is necessary


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