Racism free India

Surely this republic isn’t a racist one. It may be fanatic or casteist but has no place color discrimination. We ain’t raciest when everyone from south is an African for us neither when we refer every individual from North East a Chinese. Feeling inferior in front of whites and looking down upon Blacks and African certainly doesn’t indicates our racism.
We ain’t raciest because a century ago our father of nation became the voice of oppressed blacks in South Africa and later was proclaimed their national hero. And each and every Indian takes should the credit of his labor as thanks to the modern propaganda the which successfully erased the line between a person and his nation.

Ukraine Rising

Ukraine’s Govt tilts towards Russia and there is a revolt. Its not for the first time as UUkrainians always wished to be free from the clutches of Russia. They tried that in Stalin era which resulted in extermination of eight million Ukrainians. This was called the most effective extermination program the world has seen. 
In modern times no civilized educated country has seen such revolution as that in Ukraine. Till now over a hundred protesters have been killed by police and snipers while President Yanukoych was declaring a national mourning day. The old trick of enslaving a nation under debt is being employed here as Russian Govt is ready to sanction loan worth Billions to Ukraine for development. A loan which they would never be able to repay. These people just want to be free from the clutches of expansionist powers, corrupt politicians and corporations.
We admire and respect their unbroken spirit of protest and defiance. Viva la Revolucia !!!

Anything for Gain

What right does anyone has to question the decision taken by a democratically elected govt? A decision which is legal and if not can be made legal after all its a Democracy. The AIADMK gained support while the Congress won sympathy with one politically motivated decision of setting free the assassins of ex Prime Minister. Every one’s happy the Leaders, the LTTE supporters, the assassins and poor masses are still dancing on the tune of Nationalism


Waiting for that dawn when the world will live inside a John Lennon song  and the heart will be the only passport and compassion the only religion. What a paradise would be that  Imagine!!!!

Win of Democracy

Ms Arundhati Roy once stated that Indian politics is hopelessly dominated by elite class and the mafias as its only rich who contest elections or form govt. With 164 MPs facing serious criminal chargs I dont think she was wrong in any ways. With so much criminalization of politics politicians and mafias became synonyms of each other. I truely believe every party does the same thing once it gets into power and AAP is no exception. But the recent Delhi polls have shown a silver lining for the citizens of this broken republic. With many MLAs of AAP coming from modest middle class background it has really given us hope that politics is no mistress of these bourgeois. It gave us hope that even a common man dvoted to a social cause can not even conteat but win elections without the assiatance of gun or gold. At least at some part of the country democracy is still of, for and by the people. 
P.S. forget all this if Aam MLAs bcome Khaas after few months

Riches of Riots

 Last year’s Muzaffarnagar’s riots claimed 60 lives, nine villages, rape of 15 women and displacement of 50,000. These people were shifted to war refugee type Camps like those in Sudan or Somalia. Even in these camps deaths occurred due to malnutrition and lack of sanitation. Around thirty two children died due to cold and Govt says they took the best care of these unfortunate ones. And the latest welfare scheme for them is to take five lakhs and fuck off from the camps. 
They are forced to leave the camps in order reduce official number of refugees. To make everyone happy kill the ones dissatisfied. Another slum is on its way to come in existence and the one in power are celebrating New Year and Mahotsavs. All this havoc just for polarization and vote bank politics for benefit of publicly declared enemies. How many more innocent lives will this general election engulf? The only fault of those massacred was that they lived in a time where the death of a person holds more importance than his life!!

How to be a nationalist :P

“Only Modi can save this broken republic. Down down Congress and its B team AAP. Kejriwal has betrayed the masses in 20 day rule. Kashmir is an integral part of India hence it must be made a military confinement. Reds, Mizos, Nagas, Kashmiris and anyone killed by security forces is a terrorist (military kills them for their own good). Every Pakistani, Chinese, Burmese and Bangladeshi is my enemy (although I have never met any of them but our leaders want me to hate them). I oppose food security bill but turn blind eye towards wastage to funds on space programs and statues (it helps to keep India shining at the cost of Indians). I’m a great drawing room warrior.”
Learn these lines, cram it, mug it and vomit it at every place, every time and everywhere and u become a true blue Indian and a great nationalist 
We were born free but they gave us a religion and a nation to deprive us from our freedom. But we celebrate our slavery with a stone idol and a flag.

A new light

AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are blamed to live by the camera, perform publicity stunts and push the capital towards anarchism. In thirty day rule the are expected to to do what others did in sixty years. Maybe all these allegations are correct but the effects of all this cant be ignored. For the first time a referendum was conducted in this republic, BJP and Congress are formulating their manifesto by taking public opinion into account and now Ms. Vasundhara Raje is living in govt house and stopping at red signal. Moreover now we know the names of other honest CMs too exist in this republic like those of Goa and Mizoram ( lol I cant recall their names right now). Kejriwal says he dreams of a world where every individual is responsible enough to take decision for himself and take active participation in Govt decision making but unfortunately jungle rule is the definition of anarchy for most of the people.

Vandalization politics

On 4th of Feb a Pak Sufi band which had to perform at an event was met with strong protest in Mumbai press club. Such events are organized to promote cultural synthesis among nations. But the best cultural display was executed by mob protesters who tried to vandalize the conference and shouting anti Pak slogan demanded immediate departure of the guests as ‘ Pak is a terrorist nation’. So how were these artists responsible for anti Indian policies of Pak govt? I guess there is a significant difference between ‘ proxy war by Pakistan’ and ‘ proxy war by Pak GOVT’ ( against Indian state). But thanx to the joint efforts of media, corporations, military and Govts the differentiating line between an individual and its Nation or religion is not only blurred but successfully erased. For how long will innocent masses have to pay the price of crimes and mistakes committed by their govts??

Idol Race

Spending millions on dead monuments will certainly help India shine. It seems like there is a race between the two fronts to construct the tallest/highest statue. And not to mention that these days every great monument must be at least twice the size of statue of liberty  One monument is the statue of a great Maratha warrior whose legacy was successfully exploited by the right wing extremists to sow the seed of fascism in this republic while other is of the Iron man and leaders of peasant whose legacy is a matter of debate between a party and a state. But irony of the situation is that the statue of this leader of peasant will stand in the waters of Sardar Sarovar Dam. The same dam which rendered 5K farmers families homeless and irrigates less water than it submerged.