How to be a nationalist :P

“Only Modi can save this broken republic. Down down Congress and its B team AAP. Kejriwal has betrayed the masses in 20 day rule. Kashmir is an integral part of India hence it must be made a military confinement. Reds, Mizos, Nagas, Kashmiris and anyone killed by security forces is a terrorist (military kills them for their own good). Every Pakistani, Chinese, Burmese and Bangladeshi is my enemy (although I have never met any of them but our leaders want me to hate them). I oppose food security bill but turn blind eye towards wastage to funds on space programs and statues (it helps to keep India shining at the cost of Indians). I’m a great drawing room warrior.”
Learn these lines, cram it, mug it and vomit it at every place, every time and everywhere and u become a true blue Indian and a great nationalist 
We were born free but they gave us a religion and a nation to deprive us from our freedom. But we celebrate our slavery with a stone idol and a flag.

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