Riches of Riots

 Last year’s Muzaffarnagar’s riots claimed 60 lives, nine villages, rape of 15 women and displacement of 50,000. These people were shifted to war refugee type Camps like those in Sudan or Somalia. Even in these camps deaths occurred due to malnutrition and lack of sanitation. Around thirty two children died due to cold and Govt says they took the best care of these unfortunate ones. And the latest welfare scheme for them is to take five lakhs and fuck off from the camps. 
They are forced to leave the camps in order reduce official number of refugees. To make everyone happy kill the ones dissatisfied. Another slum is on its way to come in existence and the one in power are celebrating New Year and Mahotsavs. All this havoc just for polarization and vote bank politics for benefit of publicly declared enemies. How many more innocent lives will this general election engulf? The only fault of those massacred was that they lived in a time where the death of a person holds more importance than his life!!

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