Win of Democracy

Ms Arundhati Roy once stated that Indian politics is hopelessly dominated by elite class and the mafias as its only rich who contest elections or form govt. With 164 MPs facing serious criminal chargs I dont think she was wrong in any ways. With so much criminalization of politics politicians and mafias became synonyms of each other. I truely believe every party does the same thing once it gets into power and AAP is no exception. But the recent Delhi polls have shown a silver lining for the citizens of this broken republic. With many MLAs of AAP coming from modest middle class background it has really given us hope that politics is no mistress of these bourgeois. It gave us hope that even a common man dvoted to a social cause can not even conteat but win elections without the assiatance of gun or gold. At least at some part of the country democracy is still of, for and by the people. 
P.S. forget all this if Aam MLAs bcome Khaas after few months

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