Ukraine Rising

Ukraine’s Govt tilts towards Russia and there is a revolt. Its not for the first time as UUkrainians always wished to be free from the clutches of Russia. They tried that in Stalin era which resulted in extermination of eight million Ukrainians. This was called the most effective extermination program the world has seen. 
In modern times no civilized educated country has seen such revolution as that in Ukraine. Till now over a hundred protesters have been killed by police and snipers while President Yanukoych was declaring a national mourning day. The old trick of enslaving a nation under debt is being employed here as Russian Govt is ready to sanction loan worth Billions to Ukraine for development. A loan which they would never be able to repay. These people just want to be free from the clutches of expansionist powers, corrupt politicians and corporations.
We admire and respect their unbroken spirit of protest and defiance. Viva la Revolucia !!!

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