This day 19th may Vietnam celebrates 124th birth anniversary of Ho Chi Minh . Part Lenin, part Gandhi, part ‪#‎Confucius‬ and all ‪#‎Vietnamese‬ who lead his nation not only to freedom but winning two successive wars with the ‪#‎imperialist‬ France and USA. 
Vietnam defeated USA: this is what hey say. A country that was razed to ground, subjected to thousands of tonnes of bombing and chemical warfare resulting in 3 Mn casualties, 300 K missing and 6.5 Mn wounded. And after years of this slaughter US was defeated out of no where suffering barely 0.05% of losses what Vietnam was went through. And thanx to the propaganda model now Vietnam is a nice theme for Video games and Action Movies. 
Prof. Noam Chomsky claims Vietnam was simply converted into a laboratory with its civilians as lab rats on whom those imperialists tested all their savagery and chemical weapons for nearly two decades. And finally making all those profits from war and devastating this nation left its people to starve claiming they faced the defeat. This propaganda of projecting aggressors as victims became an excuse for international sanctions on Vietnam that further starved Millions to death. 
And now in recent times this one of the last remaining Communist and the so called Communist China quarrel over oil rig in disputed waters like common capitalists. Goodbye the days of ‪#‎Ideologies‬.