14 Billion lavishly spent, 180,000 evacuated, houses demolished without any compensation to owners for building stadiums, scores of protesters killed, thousands of children forced into prostitution and policia running street cleaning operation; all of this to entertain the world by organizing the costliest ever FIFA world cup.

While millions of Brazilians hit the roads to show discontent, while the Airport and subway works organize strike to protest against this capitalist show; Television media ignores the massive unrest in this soccer obsessed nation and portrays the World Cup as some peaceful exotic event strengthening cultural synthesis that encourages game spirit and meanwhile cops are cleaning the streets by shooting homeless.

Emma Goldman was right while stating “People at large are like children whose despair, sorrow and tears can be converted into joy by a simple toy” Here the toy is the murderous football and we like morons are cheering for 22 millionaires kicking a ball across the pitch while poor are being deprived of their rights.

Isn’t government’s hostility towards its own citizen and generosity towards FIFA and tourists proof of proletariat having no nation?


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