Religion kills reasons

Director Ram Gopal Verma’s tweet’s that how can Lord Ganesha save us when he himself failed to save his own head and all the pacifist theists demand his head in a plate. All these harsh remarks and fanatic venom once again prove that religion is the enemy of rationality. As the only reason given by these followers of doctrine of peace for this lunatic outrage is that their ‘religious sentiments’ are hurt by those two lines.
They won’t clarify the query of RGV because questioning anything written in five thousand year old manuscripts is blasphemy. The peace loving theists always get mad when atheists reject religion but no one bats an eye when those God fearing people shatter rationality. And by the way if God really exists and he’s hurt by a tweet then he’ll punish RGV and other nonbelievers in the afterlife why is anyone else interfering with the infinite justice??

Satyagrah is no Crime

Ms Arundhati Roy once stated that at least the US govt is at war with middle east but piety on this Indian republic which is at war with its very people. This lady Irom Sharmila has been protesting against the Armed Forces Special Power Act for more than fourteen years. This act is simply aimed at militarization of the state and giving more teeth to the Army as it gives armed forces right to search property, encounter killing and summary justice. She has been protesting against this tyrannical act via the Gandhiyan method of Satyagrah or hunger strike since year 2000. She was imprisoned on the allegation of attempting to commit suicide (which is punishable by one year) and force fed at Hospital for fourteen years.

After one and a half decades judiciary finally realized that her means of protest was a legitimate one and she must be released immediately.  But alas! Just two days after her release she’s rearrested on the same old charge of attempting to commit suicide by refusing food. When did Satyagrah became illegal? When did democracy of people turned into democracy of armed forces. If you peacefully protest against AFPSA you are sued under charges of committing suicide and if you pick up arms to defend your people against the tyranny of Indian army you’re a terrorist. No matter what Govt always wins!!

Vague Anger

Angered by Pak High commissioner’s decision to engage the separatist Hurriyat leaders the Indian Govt called off the bilateral Foreign Secretary-level talks. However it’s for the very first time that any important bilateral talk involving Kashmir issue has been cancelled on the basis of such vague excuse as inviting the leaders from Kashmir has always been the standard practice considering the sensitivity of Kashmir issue.
So there is a political turmoil in Pak which nothing new, ceasefire violation and cross border shelling after nearly ten years, Arun Jetli warns to deal cross border firing with heavy hands and now a bilateral summit gets revoked. What are the leaders of both nations up to? Break the lull of ten years?

Nietzsche and Evolution

The purpose of life is to evolve. Maybe all these human miseries all these wars, genocides, oppression, ethnic cleansing are just a part of natural selection solely to ensure that the finest and the strongest grow into something even better.
As Friedrich Nietzsche said war is an admirable remedy for people that are growing weak and comfortable, it excites instincts that rot away in peace. After all nature has always been cruel to the weaklings as the world was not meant for tender races. Lets accept it that we live in a dog eat dog world.

Hate Propaganda

They created Jihadis to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and similarly they armed the rebels of Syria which turned into ISIS and instead of fighting Assad’s tyrannical regime created a whole calipat for themselves. What I meant was that they are fighting a monster they created. And those brutal savageries of Iraq are purposely being emphasized to manufacture consent for another invasion as everyone knows US citizens are tired of war. They want to see this kind of agitation which you showed in your post ‘end this for once and for all’. Otherwise just see they are showing least concern about bombing of children in Gaza or Killings of Civilians in Ukraine or Boko Haram capturing yet another city in Nigeria or even children dying of starvation in CAR and Sudan. They simply wish to win consent to keep the war machine turning. Its all media generated crap to portray some victims as worthy and others as unworthy. They just want to send more Americans to die in desert. Fuck these corporate pimps we won’t learn their hate.

Victory of resistance??

Israel’s indiscriminate assault against Palestinians finally comes to a halt at a cost of 2500 Palestinians including 500 children, 60 Zionist pawns, destruction of property worth $5 Bn along with destruction of more than 12K houses, power plant, water supply unit, port and the airport. 
80% victims of this indiscriminate assault were civilians, one must note that even during the First World War the civilian casualty was 10%. Those Zionists successfully made blood money out of the war Industry moreover the infrastructure wort $ 5 bn has to be rebuild which is good news for those bloody construction industries.
Victory for the resistance is a step towards the liberation of Palestine as Israel agrees on lifting of embargo and restrictions on fishing off the coast of the strip. The brave hearts have once again proved that Palestine is the only Arab state unafraid of Israeli ZioNazis. 

Celebrate Independence not Hate!

Independence day celebrations are over. But it was really shameful to see that instead of celebrating our freedom many were busy bashing Pakistan and spitting gallons of hateful venomous taunts. Please stop patronizing such nationalist hate. Hatred for the neighboring nations can never be the parameter to measure one’s patriotism.
In fact nationalism is nothing but a mere sentiment that your country is the best as you were born in it. It simply makes one to take pride in things one hasn’t done and hate people one never met. Its a piece of colored cloth that our leader use to blindfold us from seeing the atrocities committed by the state. Rise above this obsolete sentiment, this measles of humanity and see the beautiful humanity and acknowledge the fact that we are one.
Let the peace prevail. 1 ❤

Happy Independence day

Happy Independence day to all

It has been 68 years since India freed itself from the yoke of those British Imperialists. On this day those Britishers took their imperialist asses back to that wretched Island leaving behind a nation ripped apart into three pieces, 2 Mn corpses as a result of that partition riots plus the blood drenching gift of Kashmir.

Those Communists and Radicals and Socialists never get tired of complaining that the Independence movement wasn’t revolutionary as it was just transfer of power from white imperialists to brown imperialists. Agreed the Independence movement wasn’t revolutionary but no one can deny that it was a mass movement and was never never never a betrayed one like that of US, France, Russia or South Africa.

The movement resulted in abolishment of almost every ancient institution of oppression including untouchability, the feudal system, the princely states and women oppression. Along with social reforms such as allocation of land to landless peasant, uniform civil code along with the longest constitution in the world.

Today we thank all those revolutionaries, all those leaders and all those extremists who laid their lives for the ‘true Independence’ of this republic and saving us all from genocide and apartheid at the hands of those Imperialists and racists. We thank each one of them who sacrificed their lives in order to prevent this republic from turning into another US, Canada, Australia or South Africa where the racist minority rules over the aboriginals in broad daylight in the name of democracy.

I agree nationalism is the measles of humanity and cause of war and destruction but living freely in a Right wing nationalist state is a billion times better than to dwell in some apartheid imperial colony ruled by capitalists and racist. So let’s celebrate this 15th of August with colours of Nationalism, patriotism, respect and the pride that we live in a republic that’s truly ours.