Book’s no crime

Providing asylum to the hunted Bangladeshi author Ms Taslima Nasrin will hurt the religious sentiments of those Islamic bigots as her death is the only thing that might please them. TMC leader Sultan Muhammad says extending her visa permit indicted that the Central govt has no respect for religious sentiments of minorities. Seriously?
Those Islamic bigots want her dead cause she condemned the unfair treatment of women under Islam and the rising Islamic fanaticism in Bangladesh in her famous book ‘Lajja’. A book that probably none of those twisted fanatics would have actually read.
As we all know people get offended by books they haven’t read, movies they haven’t watched and paintings they haven’t seen. C’mon you wish her dead for writing a book? How can your great religion be offended by a mere book?
As Richard Dawkins said you just ask for any bizarre demand in the name of religion and see it getting fulfilled as the world gives more heed to religious sentiments than life of people in flesh and blood.


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