Why is Hamas branded a terrorist organization when its in power in Palestine. It was form in order to protect Palestinians fom illegal occupation of their land. If Hamas is a terrorist group then what should the Zionist Israeli govt be called? I think its clear to everybody that bombing schools and hospitals is an act of terror and war crime. Just because fascist pawns in uniforms are commetting such savagery it shouldn’t be seen as some military operation. Its genocide of people living in the open air prison of Gaza. Only terrorists attack women and children and so for those zionists claimed 225 civilian lives saying Hamas knows the language of death hence it should be dealt in similar manner. The whole population of Gaza has been branded sympathiser of Hamas and hence been considered fit for collective punishment where the only morality of Hamas members should be to stand in a que and be bombed. Palestinians accepted the terms of Israel a few years back for peace in the region but how could this appeal to the wormongers. So they are again flattening the Gaza strip by targeting residential places along with water and electric supply. 260 lives lost cause of this mad fuck while the only casualties due to Hamas rockets have been windowpanes. The true terrorist is the piarah, Apartheid, Zionists state of Israel. Shame on those fascists death to Zionism.


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