Happy Independence day

Happy Independence day to all

It has been 68 years since India freed itself from the yoke of those British Imperialists. On this day those Britishers took their imperialist asses back to that wretched Island leaving behind a nation ripped apart into three pieces, 2 Mn corpses as a result of that partition riots plus the blood drenching gift of Kashmir.

Those Communists and Radicals and Socialists never get tired of complaining that the Independence movement wasn’t revolutionary as it was just transfer of power from white imperialists to brown imperialists. Agreed the Independence movement wasn’t revolutionary but no one can deny that it was a mass movement and was never never never a betrayed one like that of US, France, Russia or South Africa.

The movement resulted in abolishment of almost every ancient institution of oppression including untouchability, the feudal system, the princely states and women oppression. Along with social reforms such as allocation of land to landless peasant, uniform civil code along with the longest constitution in the world.

Today we thank all those revolutionaries, all those leaders and all those extremists who laid their lives for the ‘true Independence’ of this republic and saving us all from genocide and apartheid at the hands of those Imperialists and racists. We thank each one of them who sacrificed their lives in order to prevent this republic from turning into another US, Canada, Australia or South Africa where the racist minority rules over the aboriginals in broad daylight in the name of democracy.

I agree nationalism is the measles of humanity and cause of war and destruction but living freely in a Right wing nationalist state is a billion times better than to dwell in some apartheid imperial colony ruled by capitalists and racist. So let’s celebrate this 15th of August with colours of Nationalism, patriotism, respect and the pride that we live in a republic that’s truly ours.


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