Hate Propaganda

They created Jihadis to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and similarly they armed the rebels of Syria which turned into ISIS and instead of fighting Assad’s tyrannical regime created a whole calipat for themselves. What I meant was that they are fighting a monster they created. And those brutal savageries of Iraq are purposely being emphasized to manufacture consent for another invasion as everyone knows US citizens are tired of war. They want to see this kind of agitation which you showed in your post ‘end this for once and for all’. Otherwise just see they are showing least concern about bombing of children in Gaza or Killings of Civilians in Ukraine or Boko Haram capturing yet another city in Nigeria or even children dying of starvation in CAR and Sudan. They simply wish to win consent to keep the war machine turning. Its all media generated crap to portray some victims as worthy and others as unworthy. They just want to send more Americans to die in desert. Fuck these corporate pimps we won’t learn their hate.


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