Victory of resistance??

Israel’s indiscriminate assault against Palestinians finally comes to a halt at a cost of 2500 Palestinians including 500 children, 60 Zionist pawns, destruction of property worth $5 Bn along with destruction of more than 12K houses, power plant, water supply unit, port and the airport. 
80% victims of this indiscriminate assault were civilians, one must note that even during the First World War the civilian casualty was 10%. Those Zionists successfully made blood money out of the war Industry moreover the infrastructure wort $ 5 bn has to be rebuild which is good news for those bloody construction industries.
Victory for the resistance is a step towards the liberation of Palestine as Israel agrees on lifting of embargo and restrictions on fishing off the coast of the strip. The brave hearts have once again proved that Palestine is the only Arab state unafraid of Israeli ZioNazis. 


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