Satyagrah is no Crime

Ms Arundhati Roy once stated that at least the US govt is at war with middle east but piety on this Indian republic which is at war with its very people. This lady Irom Sharmila has been protesting against the Armed Forces Special Power Act for more than fourteen years. This act is simply aimed at militarization of the state and giving more teeth to the Army as it gives armed forces right to search property, encounter killing and summary justice. She has been protesting against this tyrannical act via the Gandhiyan method of Satyagrah or hunger strike since year 2000. She was imprisoned on the allegation of attempting to commit suicide (which is punishable by one year) and force fed at Hospital for fourteen years.

After one and a half decades judiciary finally realized that her means of protest was a legitimate one and she must be released immediately.  But alas! Just two days after her release she’s rearrested on the same old charge of attempting to commit suicide by refusing food. When did Satyagrah became illegal? When did democracy of people turned into democracy of armed forces. If you peacefully protest against AFPSA you are sued under charges of committing suicide and if you pick up arms to defend your people against the tyranny of Indian army you’re a terrorist. No matter what Govt always wins!!


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