Religion kills reasons

Director Ram Gopal Verma’s tweet’s that how can Lord Ganesha save us when he himself failed to save his own head and all the pacifist theists demand his head in a plate. All these harsh remarks and fanatic venom once again prove that religion is the enemy of rationality. As the only reason given by these followers of doctrine of peace for this lunatic outrage is that their ‘religious sentiments’ are hurt by those two lines.
They won’t clarify the query of RGV because questioning anything written in five thousand year old manuscripts is blasphemy. The peace loving theists always get mad when atheists reject religion but no one bats an eye when those God fearing people shatter rationality. And by the way if God really exists and he’s hurt by a tweet then he’ll punish RGV and other nonbelievers in the afterlife why is anyone else interfering with the infinite justice??


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