Death to Neo Nazism

Soon after the honeymoon of Ukrainians with the revolution was over the Govt went to bed with corporations when the Neo Nazi dogs owning Chocolate and Gas corporations ceased the power. The fascist NATO and EU have been constantly luring the former Soviet states to come out of the Russian sphere of influence and align with those Nazis. After Poland, Estonia and at the last approaching Ukraine was taken as an act of offence by the Kremlin. You can’t expect any govt to sit idle when the Nazis of NATO are building army base in its neighbourhood.
The rebels of pro Russian Eastern Ukraine resisted the fascist regime of the Neo Nazis and the result was 2500 civilian casualty and displacement of 2 Million in E. Ukraine and Donbass region. Guess it justifies that whatever US touches turns into Syria and Iraq as once quoted by Mr. Putin.
With the anti fascist rebels gaining an upper hand in the region the Chocolate seller once adamant to punish them now begs for a ceasefire as the US military aid ceased. This appears to be the victory of resistance and a triumph over the festering disease of Neo Nazism. Let’s hope the Ukrainians are soon liberated from those Nazis and chocolate vendors running the state.


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