Murderous fourth Reich

The humanity wasn’t threatened when Saddam murdered twenty thousand Kurds using chemical weapons provided by US Imperialists nor when one million Iraqi children starved to death as the direct result of the imposed embargo and not even the genocide of one and a half million Iraqis in the name of gulf war was treated as threat to freedom and right to exist because only the people killed by non NATO forces are worthy victims and only their death should be mourned. The biggest hypocrisy of our times is that the Nazis of NATO invade any country at will, slaughter millions, raze the entire nation to ground and call their Nazi troops the victim of those sick, diseased, dying, unarmed women and children.
According to those fascists the new threat to the world peace is some ISIS; an army of rabid fanatic dogs they created to topple Assad’s Govt in Syria. The vague proof they give to justify their Imperialist ambitions is the tapes showing beheading of two journalists. They talk as though the Gulf war or the Vietnam War or any war or rather genocide done by the Nazis of NATO was less atrocious than the one being conducted by the IS. I say where is the tape showing genocide of masses by the fascist NATO in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all other places they inflicted havoc. Where is the tape showing white sulfur and chemical weapons being used in Iraq and Vietnam War? And why wasn’t this heed given to the Veterans who spoke up against the savageries and war crimes conducted by the Nazis NATO.
All this hocus pocus just because those Nazi Imperialists are once again about to send their soldiers to fight on the behalf of those bourgeois and their imperialistic ambitions. Those brutal savageries of IS in Iraq are purposely being emphasized solely to agitate the masses for manufacturing consent for yet another invasion as everyone knows US citizens are tired of war. After all no sane person can join them if they show how bravely their fascist pawns wipe out an entire generation and flatten city after city. Otherwise they show least concern about bombing of children in Gaza or Killings of Civilians in Ukraine or Boko Haram capturing yet another city in Nigeria or even children dying of starvation in CAR and Sudan. They simply wish to win consent to keep the war machine turning. It’s all media generated crap to portray some victims as worthy and others as unworthy. They just want to send more Americans to die in desert. The Nazis NATO is the threat to the very survival of humanity and the world shall never know peace until this cancer is eliminated for once and for all.


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