Today is the day when we are supposed to remember all those ‘worthy’ victims of the falling towers whose death must be mourned because they weren’t killed by the Nazis of NATO. 9/11 seems to be a symbol of acute discrimination clearly dictating the world that whose death should be mourned and whose shouldn’t. It’s being deliberately shoved into our throats via media and propaganda machinery to believe that 9/11 was the most heinous assault against humanity that could have ever taken place because we are never shown the video footage of how bravely those Nazi pawns of NATO exterminate an entire generation and raze entire countries. We will never know how brutal an ethnic cleansing can be because we are only given figures, death of a millions is just statistics.
After all we never heard of any memorial day dedicated towards the remembrance of thirty thousand Afghans, One and a half million Iraqis, twenty five thousand Syrians and many more who were butchered in the name the so called war against terror giving 9/11 as an excuse. Conspiracy theorists believe 9/11 was an inside job and it might be true as The Nazi American Govt has a history of inflicting savageries upon its own citizens solely for manufacturing consent for another war. Considering the shrinking of Lusitania in WW I or deliberately provoking Japan in WW II or the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam one can’t completely rule out that it was yet another staged attack for starting another war. After thirteen years and four trillion dollars this massive campaign against terror achieved ISIS and a whole Islamic Caliphate which clearly indicates into whose arse the funds were being shoved.


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