Bilawal’s Remark

Bilawal Bhutto’s Kashmir remark followed by torrent of counter remarks and statements by Indian leaders and agitation among masses reminds me of George Orwell’s lines quoted in 1984 that between two nations a state of war must exist for eating up surplus produce without allowing it reach the masses. Guess this is the reason why nearly every nation has border disputes with the neighboring states. After all it’s between the govts not between the masses as every war is war against the masses by their own govt.
And guess that’s why Indian govt has disputes with Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and even Nepal. All this hocus pocus and a sudden violation of decade long truce simply appears like both the Govts are on their way of manufacturing consent for another war or at least intensifying border tensions. They wish the masses getting enraged to justify war and military expenditure.
Why can’t Bilawal and Modi settle this Kashmir issue in a fist fight? Why risking the lives of thousands of innocent masses? Next time when it come to war let BJP, Congress, BSP, SP, CPI, Hurriat, PPP, PML and ANP fight on the behalf of masses they claim to lead. Let the bourgeois bear the burden of national pride.


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