Peshawar Attacks

Killing children and women is a heinous crime but apparently its okay if you’re in power and your army is doing it. It’s fair to drone them in Pakistan and Syria or bomb them in Palestine. The world leaders didn’t appeared this united when Israel Govt subjected the Palestinian to collective punishment or when Pak army launched an indiscriminate assault against the Taliban stronghold and territories held by local warlords.
For every bomb every bullet the Militants have made the Govt manufactured thousands. For every life militants have taken the Govt took thousands. They publicly moan for such heartbreaking incident cause its wasn’t their bombs and drones who did that. They see it as an opportunity of manufacturing consent to intensify their war on terror and pump more $$ into it.
All this environment of terror and insecurity maintained solely to keep the war machine turning for the free market economy and the military industrial complex. I you wish an end to terrorism plz just in the name of god stop arming them stop training them and stop stereotyping some people to justify your own savagery.

Mubarak Acquited

After all this sacrifice and revolution and spring finally Mubarak gets acquitted of all charges and we have a Right wing military President in Egypt. So its true that the real tyrants are never brought to justice. After all there is no justice! Only discord.


Immigrant Problem???

These EU an US find no trouble in sending their corporations and troops to other nations for plundering their resources and killing their people but the immigrant and refugees who are forces to flee their lands due to the havoc caused by the fascist monsters are such a pain in ass of these greedy capitalist hypocrites.
Don’t like immigrants and expatriates? Stop pillaging and devastating other nations to water your economy with blood of slaves and spoils of war.

Collective Ego

Before informing us that there is some kinda tension between India and Pakistan or India and China please do clarify if all this hocus pocus is between Indian masses and Pakistani or Chinese Masses or between the respective ‘Governments’ of India, Pak and China as there is a big significant difference between Govt and masses. After all its the collective ego or the superego and and the hopeless mental attitude of seeking identity and pride in external ideals of Nation, religion, caste, creed and race are the root cause of so many mad fucks going round the world.

Cultural Marxism

Whats so evil about Cultural Marxism? As far as I know it simply advocates annihilation of social construction and shedding up of traditional prejudices for being open towards every kind of idea and opinion. After all culture and traditions are excuses used by bigots to justify racism, fanaticism, castism, sexism, homophobia and countless other evils. Bertrand Russell said a majority of men pass their whole life without contemplating or criticizing as a whole, either their conditions or those of the world at large. They find themselves born into a certain place in society and accept what each day bring forth without any question. Whats wrong if cultural Marxism questions those pre defined social laws which were written by the bourgeois class to oppress and enslave the masses solely to protect their interests and riches?