Black lives matter

Stop telling me it’s not just the black lives but all lives matters. If that was true why the world moaned the Paris shootings while turned a blind eye towards massacre in Nigeria and Kenya? When a certain set of people are kept artificially poor and subjected to social marginalization through years of usurpation and economic injustice the discontent and remorse in the society is inevitable.
Guess the African American living in a country build by thugs and whores and murderers and convicts dumped into that stolen land by the British crown are subjected to poverty and economic injustice and hence got riot as the only medium to have their voices heard because their forefathers were former slaves and not some whoremonger or slave trader or usurpers like those of the Caucasian races.
Every time the oppressed start demanding economic justice or start attaining knowledge and political muscle the usurpers and former oppressors start singing the song of all men are created equal. But all this are just meaningless words without equal opportunities and economic justice.

Freedom of speech

One is absolutely free to do whatever the state and the public opinion allows one to do. Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the believers is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for dissenters. Any state or religion that is hostile towards dissenters and those who think differently can’t be called democratic or even liberal. Where the free circulation of ideas informs a society’s institutions, we should not expect war and discontent contrary to here there is no freedom of expression and institutions operate contrary to nature and the common good.

Declaring section 66A unconstitutional is a welcomed move by the Supreme Court as social media has emerged as a powerful instrument at the hands of common masses to put forward their ideas and discontents. It’s the not only the victory of freedom but the very idea of democracy. But the fact the this was ‘Unconstitutional’ and remained into practice for these many years raises serious questions about abuse of law and power by the political classes and using it as a mere instrument for protecting those who got everything from those who got nothing.

Land acquisition

If some goon throws you out of your house and forcibly occupies your place the law would declare it a criminal act but its perfectly legal if the Govt does the same and you’re an anti national for protesting.
Why is it that govt always acquires the lands of farmers and poor for their so called development programs? Why not assume the lands from rich? Whose development they are striving for by giving away fertile land to corporate houses in a republic whose half the children are undernourished and where 10K people die daily of starvation.

Gandhi And Godse

The irony is that British honour Gandhi by installing his statue in Parliament square in London and meanwhile back here the fascists now in control of the Govt wish to honour his murderer Godse by building a temple in his name. Being an Indian if you feel honoured by the actions of British Govt how many of us were ashamed when the parent organization of the ruling party came up with such pervasive idea??

India and WW I

There is no honour in war it brings no glory just corpses, destruction and immense profit for the military industrial complex. Today the Indian army celebrates role of Indian soldiers in the First World War. They will tell you it was some kind of great and unfortunate event because those nationalities who have been fucking around the planet colonizing continents and committing genocide brought war upon themselves thus killing Europeans and Caucasians and Jews in large number so of course it was an unfortunate event cause it doesn’t took place in Africa or Asia or Latin America.

100 years back a million Indian soldiers were forced to fight an alien war, in an alien land, for an alien cause. 74000 Indians lost their lives fighting for the imperialistic ambitions of those usurper races and nationalities and now I m told to be proud of sth like this. Why?? After all killing one person is crime but killing thousands and millions of people in the name of Nationalism and Religion is sth to be proud of. Stop glorifying war! It’s nothing but the poor man’s road to his grave with rich man stealing all the gold and all the glory.

Palestine of India

Okay so Kashmir Govt orders to release political prisoners ‘facing no criminal charges’ including ‘stone pelters’ and all those armchair nationalists have lost their mind. I guess we still live in a democracy where every single being has the right to freedom of expression. Or does this great privilege ends the moment one got anything to say against the state.
Is the republic threatened by few commentators and stone pelters of a valley turned into military occupation by 700,000 troops? Doesn’t it sounds like Palestine where one gets jailed for stone pelting? I really can’t get this ‘We love Kashmir but we hate Kashiris’ kind of nationalist logic. If the republic really wants peace in the valley guess they need to give heed to every discontent in the valley instead of piling up the dissenters in jail

Nirbhaya Documentary

*You can’t clap with one hand – it takes two hands.

*A decent girl won’t roam around at night.

*A girl is more responsible for rape than a boy

*Had she not fought back she would not have been killed

^^ Those are the views of Mukesh Singh the Nirbhaya rape accuse shown in the documentary India’s Daughter. Surprisingly many politicians, proprietors of Indian society and Godmen were singing the same song back then in 2012. Now you know why this film is banned: D