Freedom of speech

One is absolutely free to do whatever the state and the public opinion allows one to do. Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the believers is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for dissenters. Any state or religion that is hostile towards dissenters and those who think differently can’t be called democratic or even liberal. Where the free circulation of ideas informs a society’s institutions, we should not expect war and discontent contrary to here there is no freedom of expression and institutions operate contrary to nature and the common good.

Declaring section 66A unconstitutional is a welcomed move by the Supreme Court as social media has emerged as a powerful instrument at the hands of common masses to put forward their ideas and discontents. It’s the not only the victory of freedom but the very idea of democracy. But the fact the this was ‘Unconstitutional’ and remained into practice for these many years raises serious questions about abuse of law and power by the political classes and using it as a mere instrument for protecting those who got everything from those who got nothing.


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